(CBS Connecticut) — Connecticut State University system professors today called on state lawmakers to preserve their funding, in the face of tens of millions of dollars in possible budget cuts.

Central Connecticut State University student Andrew Ianni says the Republican budget plan approved by the General Assembly is an atrocity.

“The budget that they handed in was not only late, but shoddy and poorly done,” Ianni said. “It reeks of incompetence and negligence. Had I or any other students handed in an assignment of this magnitude late, it would have gotten an F, which is what this budget deserves.”

The professors say the community colleges, plus Central, Eastern Western and Southern Connecticut State University face $93-million in cuts.

They say the budget bill would also eliminate the Roberta Willis Scholarship Fund for low-income Connecticut students who go to college in the state.

The governor has said he will veto the budget, and seek to negotiate a new plan to deal with a 2-year, $3.5-billion deficit.


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