WASHINGTON, DC (CBS Connecticut) – Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal is among the front line of legislators voicing their concerns regarding a memo in which fired FBI Director James Comey suggests Donald Trump asked him to drop the bureau’s investigation of former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Blumenthal, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has stated he believes there is a case to be made for obstruction of justice, should the memo from Comey be verified.

The Senator is one of many Democrats in Washington using this story to ramp up demand for an independent special prosecutor to be appointed for the Russia investigation.  He is one of several, including Sen. John McCain, who have already drawn comparisons between this case and Watergate, the scandal that lead to the resignation of Richard Nixon.  “No one is above the law,” Blumenthal said. “That’s the lesson of Watergate.”

An increasing number of Senators and Representatives from both sides of the aisle have expressed their concern over the memo, which was revealed in a story by the New York Times late Tuesday. The Times has not viewed the unclassified memo, but reported based on parts of it read to a reporter by an associate of Comey’s.

The White House claims no one in the administration, including the president, has asked for the Flynn or any investigation to be shut down.

Sen. Blumenthal told MSNBC he believes there are additional memos. “I am willing to bet there are more of them [memos], and they will provide more evidence in this case against Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.”

However, George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley says an obstruction of justice case is not so cut-and-dry. “For obstruction, you need to show that these types of actions were done with a corrupt purpose,” he explained.  “It’s often connected to a pending judicial proceeding, which we don’t have.”


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