(CBS Connecticut) — Two staff members at a Hamden group home were in court in Meriden today, on charges of abusing a 19-year-old client.

In court documents, police say a video of the incident shows staff members Victoria Dancy and Melissa Smith trying to restrain the young woman.

In the course of the struggle, both staff members hit the client with broom and mop handles.

Police say the video shows the young woman on her back, when Dancy gets on top of her and chokes her.

Before being informed about the video, the two staffers told police that they used proper full body restraint techniques.

Dancy said the young woman had grabbed her because she was upset about a 2-hour school delay. Dancy told police the young woman later bit her.

The 19-year-old’s mother became concerned, when she noticed a large, cross-hatch pattern bruise on her daughter’s thigh.

After the court date, a lawyer for the 19-year-year-old said he is still evaluating the effect of the abuse.


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