An alleged Russian e-mail spam “czar” with purported links to election tampering was reportedly nabbed in Spain… is it a true story or more “fake news”? And Google’s “fact check” system goes global.

An advertisement for fast food burger chain triggers Google Home devices in marketing ploy. We deal with with possible malware “not sandboxed” black window pop-up while using AOL, solving low space issues on Android smartphones, talk legislators debating new broadband privacy bill in light of changing FCC rules, and ask why is Google investing in self-driving cars?

Learn how to fix video issues and applying updates to a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop, how to deal with lock-ups in the Google Chrome web browser, and how to properly reset Google Chrome. Next, we prevent bookmarks from opening in the sidebar in Mozilla Firefox, properly remove Malwarebytes when it functions incorrectly, and use OpenDNS for safe Internet surfing.

Moving old data to a new computer?  Learn what you should do. We correct issues with Firefox stuck in full screen mode, and discuss the best ways to secure a new computer out of the box when used for business purposes.


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