By Ray Dunaway

Chris Powell, Managing Editor of the Journal Inquirer, says Connecticut gains little by replacing Massachusetts gamblers with its own.  Hear his argument…

Before tackling the topic of Connecticut’s casinos, Powell dives into a conversation about Governor Dannel Malloy.

“He did the Democratic party a favor,” he says. “The party now has plenty of time to find candidates to distinguish themselves  from the Governor, and plenty of time to raise money. They may have a fairly decent chance to hold onto the office. A bit of self sacrifice was a decent gift by the Governor – and he gave himself the freedom to do what he thinks is right without complicating it with election thoughts.”

Powell also points out that Malloy’s “lousy” poll numbers which pointed to little success for a re-election. Although, he says, “if you look at those poll numbers now, you wonder how the hell he ever won two elections…but he did.”

Dunaway agrees, noting that Tom Foley wasn’t the best candidate and failed to “light up the room.”

Powell quickly retorts, “But does anybody have any great faith that the republicans will stop running self funding ignoramus and put up a good candidate?”

“My goodness, we are a man of opinions,” laughs Dunaway, “but that’s why you write columns.”

“Let’s talk about the Native American gambling in East Windsor,” says Dunaway. “MGM is pushing for the Southwestern part of the state…which may blow up the whole deal…?”

“The problem I have with the legislature on this gambling stuff,” says Powell, “is that there’s great reluctance to demand a better deal from the two Indian tribes. They all act as if the deal in place can’t be altered. I don’t know why the legislature or the Governor doesn’t go back to the Indians and tell them they don’t like their monopoly so much anymore, and if they’re going to keep their monopoly, they may have to pay more for it and compromise. They’re another special interest like anyone else.”

Powell goes on to explain that overall, “the gambling racket is over.” For almost 30 years Connecticut has exploited the other states around us, who are now putting up their own casinos.

“The only people to plunder with casino gambling is our own residents,” explains Powell. “And there’s no point to that. We don’t gain.”

With all the other “nonsense” going on in the state government, Powell believes we’re better off dealing with those issues rather than looking to casinos as the salve.

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