(CBS Connecticut) — At least fifteen relatives of a man accused of murdering his wife were in court when Richard Dabate was brought before the judge for arguments about his bond. The judge rejected the state’s attorney’s request for a higher bond.

The judge set Dabate’s bond at $1-million dollars, which could allow him to be released pending his trial.

The defense said several of Dabate’s relatives from Manchester were posting property, to help the 40-year-old make the bond.

The state’s attorney argued for a $5-million bond, saying that $1-million was not enough to ensure he appears, because his family is one of considerable means.

Several of Dabate’s relatives snorted when they heard that.  Dabate’s defense lawyer said that the family does not have substantial means.

Dabate is due back in court April 28.

His wife Connie Dabate was found shot to death at the couple’s Ellington home a few days before Christmas, in 2015.

Richard Dabate was arrested Friday.  After the killing, police discovered that he had a pregnant girlfriend.  They also wrote in court documents that information from Connie Dabate’s electronic devices contradicted her husband’s version of events.

Richard Dabate claimed an intruder shot his wife, and partially tied him up with zip ties.


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