Erik flies solo answering your questions on Computer Talk with TAB.

Erik’s replacement TiVo saga continues (spoiler alert: Erik still has no TiVo).

Australian government agency slams Apple for infamous “Error 53” errors after third-party repairs. Hacker threat from Turkish Crime Family to erase Apple devices is looking more like a dud.

The US to seek limits on H1-B visa programmers. Local insurance companies are seeking COBOL programmers. A listener asks us for advice after inadvertently opening malicious attachment on an Android phone. Securing Frontier Yahoo e-mail in light of recent Yahoo! e-mail hacking. Steps to secure your e-mail account if it has been hacked. Why you should always tug on the ATM card slot before you use an ATM machine. Setting up OpenDNS for more than one location. Should you get rid of a rented modem from the cable company or buy the modem yourself? A caller asks how to safely move his information from an older Android tablet. A caller discusses the limitations of OpenDNS setup.

Erik discusses how to safely erase a solid state hard drive.

Erik gives more information for safely erasing a solid-state hard drive. Increasing wireless streaming speed in a mobile home at a camp site. Troubleshooting problems logging into Windows 10 on boot up. Erik offers advice on fixing the “Aw, Snap!” problem with web pages loading in Google Chrome.

Clearing your web browser’s “cache” may fix performance web browsing performance issues. How to safely back up a Windows Vista operating system. How to use two monitors with a computer. Solving performance issues on a new, underperforming laptop. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 vs. iPad compared.

Erik gives advice on switching Internet providers.


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