(CBS Connecticut) — Two men filed a lawsuit today, claiming they were abused by a Danbury-based sex ring that police say trafficked mentally ill young men or boys.

Victims’ attorney Joel Faxon says he is seeking to freeze the assets of two abusers.

“Particularly the heicopters [Bruce Bemer] used as a ploy to get some of these mentally ill individuals to come to him” Faxon said. “He promised rides in the helicopters to get them into his lair, and once they were there he did indescribably disgusting things to them.”

William Trefzger of Westport and Bruce Bemer of Glastonbury were arrested last week.

Faxon says the assets he is seeking to have frozen include a petroleum company, classic vehicles, and helicopters.

Faxon says in cases like this, the defendants sometimes try to hide their assets.

Faxon represents the two men who filed the lawsuit, and several other people who say they are victims of the sex trafficking ring.


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