By Ray Dunaway

Congressman John Larson talks to Dunaway about a town forum he hosted at the Smith Middle School in Glastonbury, concerning the Republican ACA Repeal proposal.

According to Larson, the overall feel of the forum was that of “deep concern” from citizens who are anxious about the future of their health care coverage.

“We voted on legislation without a CBO mark,” says Larson, “which means we didn’t know what the bill cost, and who the winners and losers would be…we could only hypothesize and it looks like some 15 million people could lose insurance coverage.”

“You learn an awful lot when you witness these forums,” Larson says, explaining that what he witnessed “is a public that is more immersed with what’s going on. They’re reading more newspapers and turning toward the news, and they’re concerned about losing their coverage.”

Dunaway asks the average age of the people who attended the forum.

“Mid-aged to older,” says Larson, noting, “there were also a lot of young women concerned about the cancellation of Planned Parenthood, and parents with children with pre-existing conditions who are concerned about being thrown into a pool.”

One woman from Manchester made the comparison, that although they call sitting down with your doctor a a death panel – she feels “going into a risk pool with kids with pre-existing conditions is going into a death panel.”

“The water is very muddy,” says Dunaway, “but I thought the pre-existing thing was going to stick because it is very popular.”

“It is,” agrees Larson. “But what’s going to happen is that it’s going to stick, but there is no mandate. And with no mandate there will have to be an adjustment with regard to the premiums, and any insurer will have to do that.” Because of this point, Larson explains that insurers are “moving people to risk pools.” While the wealthiest one percent gets a tax break…”the guy 60-years-old is going see a $7,000 increase in his medical insurance.”

“That’s the rub,” Larson concludes.


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