By Ray Dunaway

Sen. Richard Blumenthal has pledged to use “every possible tool” to block Rod J. Rosenstein’s nomination until he commits to appointing a special prosecutor to investigate ties between the Trump administration and Russia.

Learn the latest straight from the Senator.

Senator Blumenthal gets right to the heart of the issue, proclaiming he’ll do everything in his power to “block Rosenstein,” saying, “I think there should be an independent special prosecutor appointed to investigate the Russian meddling in the elections.”

The Senator emphasizes that Rosenstein has a responsibility to appoint a special prosecutor, especially since the U.S. Attorney General has recuse himself.  “Evidence may in fact lead the to the U.S. Attorney General…or possibly to President Trump, as a target of the investigation,” says the Senator

Dunaway makes the case that a lot of people have pointed out that there’s no, “there, there,” and asks if that’s what the Senator intends to find out.

The Senator replies without hesitation, “There’s a lot of ‘there’ in terms of Russian meddling in a massive way in our election process with propaganda misinformation. Even President Trump has conceded as much, and the intelligence have showed it irrefutably.”

The Senator believes questions need to be answered in respect to what ties the Trump camp may have had with the Russians before and after the election. Senator Blumenthal points to the cover up after the false statements made by the judiciary committee by then nominee Attorney General, Jefferson Sessions.

Although the Senator feels strongly, “there’s a lot to investigate,” he follows that sentiment saying he’s personally made “no conclusions  about the culpability of anyone in the Trump team…only a special prosecutor can investigate the criminal wrong doing here.”

“When Attorney General Sessions pulled out,” asks Dunaway, “did that make it more likely you would be concerned about the person you’ll be considering?”

“What made it more likely was the clear false statement that prompted the Attorney General to recuse himself,” responds the Senator. “He came to the committee and swore under oath and denied meetings had taken place, when in fact they had taken place.” The Senator makes the point that it’s the growing “political turmoil” that has made it more likely, emphasizing that a special prosecutor, “has to be insulated from political influence.”

The Senator then brings up historical context, pointing to Elliott Richardson’s requirement to appoint special prosecutor, Achibald Cox, in connection to Watergate, to which Dunaway jokes, “I love going back to the 70’s.”

Dunaway continues with the question, “if you are doing everything you can to block this guy unless he appoints a special prosecutor, what can you do? You’re in the minority.”

“Minorities  have rights,” the Senator points out, adding, “and there are steps we can take to block this… the tools are limited but I’ll use every tool in my command because it’s important we have an independent inquiry that has credibility and trust.”


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