Erik and Bob answer your tech questions.

The following topics are covered on this week’s Computer Talk. On the local front, W-2 data of Groton, Connecticut school employees is released in an e-mail scam. Attention movie buffs – Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer is finally released! In corporate America, rumors fly regarding Apple abandoning the “Lightning” port on the iPhone 8.  And Uber has allegedly  developed a secret tool to evade officials in “sting” operations. Looking up, an Asteroid is said to have passed within 9,000 miles of Earth, and find out how you can see a comet racing toward the sun, as well as its own demise. On the computer front, discover the best computer to use for online banking. Erik and Bob explain the pitfalls of storing your information on “The Cloud.” And a caller gets help accessing his Comcast router in order to use an Internet-connected camera.

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Erik and Bob continue to answer your technology questions. Get advice on removing the “Alureon/TDSS” virus. Questions are answered about “Amazon Fire Stick” and alternatives to cable TV. Find out how to move data to a new solid state hard drive. Network attached storage vs. “cloud” services for backing up your computer is explained. A caller gets advice on clearing a potential “Zeus” virus infection, and help is given on how to use an OpenDNS service to stay safe. Also find out how to keep your credit card and personal financial information safe. Can you use a digital video recorder without cable TV? Also, are connections to public computers monitored or filtered?


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