By Joe D'Ambrosio

Joe D and Jeff Jacobs, sports columnist with the Hartford Courant, discuss what UConn needs to look for in a Head Football Coach in the wake of the firing of Bob Diaco.

The news that UConn was relieving Football Coach Bob Diaco of his duty came as a surprise to many yesterday, including the Hartford Courant’s Jeff Jacobs.  “I was told by everybody in the know at the end of the season that Bob Diaco was not going to be fired at the beginning of the fourth year,” Jacobs told Joe D.  “[David Benedict] said he didn’t plan to fire Bob Diaco when he walked off the field after the humiliation against Tulane.”

“Some things happened between November 26th and December 26th,” he continued.  “Whether they were things that Bob Diaco did or didn’t do, things that David heard or saw… that he didn’t like. I think it was all of that.”

While there were a multitude of factors which lead to Diaco’s termination, Jacobs believes fan discontent certainly weighed heavily on the decision.  “In talking to David on the record, he did say season ticket sales and game ticket sales were a factor,” he said.  “Obviously, the people who wanted to be heard, they were heard.”

Due to the short length of time until the dead period of recruiting ends on January 11th, the next Football coach will be determined directly by Benedict, who has confirmed he has a “short list” of candidates, although he has not disclosed any names.  Unconfirmed rumors have included Ohio State’s Greg Schiano and even a returning Randy Edsall, but Jacobs doesn’t believe there’s much truth to any of these potential prospects.

“[Benedict said] he was interested in a head coach that will oversee the whole program. Bob was so instrumental in running the defense, he was really the defensive coordinator,” Jacobs explained.  “[Benedict] wants somebody that has either got a really good offensive mind, or is going to hire the offensive coach that he is sure has an offensive mind. He’s interested in a guy not being the surrogate defensive coordinator.”

“I like the idea of getting a hotshot coordinator. If there was a 35 or 37 or 39 year old offensive coordinator that wants to come here… that’s the way I would go,” he said.  “Go to Jim Calhoun’s disciple, the Kevin Ollie before he got the [basketball] job, the disciple of a really good offensive mind.”

Hear Joe D’s complete interview with Jeff Jacobs below:


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