NEW HAVEN, Conn. (CBS Connecticut and AP) – The city of Hartford has settled a lawsuit against three police officers accused of illegally entering an apartment and beating a Massachusetts man before and after he was handcuffed.

Lawyers in the case told a federal judge in New Haven on Tuesday that the civil case was settled. Terms weren’t disclosed.

Jonathan Bussolari, of Westfield, Massachusetts, said the officers entered his girlfriend’s apartment in Hartford without permission while responding to a noise complaint in November 2012. He said the officers, without provocation, beat him and smashed his face into doors and walls.

Bussolari said he suffered multiple injuries including facial wounds, a concussion and eye damage.

The officers – William Gorman, Justin Nelson and Peter Shon – said in court documents that Bussolari resisted arrest. They denied using excessive force.

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  1. IT SEEMS that as the CITY COUNCIL of HTFD reaffirms the continuance of CHEIF JAMES ROVELLA…that the city’s officers cost them plenty…FIREMEN crashing in other citys while helping the HEROIN trade prosper…the MAYOR NEED’S to look at who retires so quickly as the spotlight starts its focus…such as those who retired right before the DUNKIN DONUT’s fiasco…LOOK…its really not too hard…any cop that feels hes a tough guy while a prisoner is restrained is a person who is not fit for his JOB…PERIOD …POINT BLANK…HTFD was a thriving city…maybe as the owner of the WHALERS decided to leave he saw something…I know I did…what was built by what you call a RIVERFRONT…HOTEL’s ??? a science center that only thrives due to school funding visits…STUPID IS STUPID…just like MR. LARSON’s IDEA nof tunnels and something above…TOO LATE…TOO MUCH MONEY$$$…YOU SERIOUSLY DUMB SELFISH GREEDY PEOPLE…LOOK AT WHAT A JUDGE TOLD U ABOUT YOUR EDUCATION SYSTEM…AND YOUR STUPID STATES ATTORNEY FIGHTS IT,…BECAUSE U JUST DONT HAVE PEOPLE TO FIX IT RIGHT….besides having spent the money to the already fortunate…evaluation of people in their said jobs at all levels is needed…GET WITH IT…or wait till it all burns…another person born and raised in HTFD…leaving CT.

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