HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) – Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the City of Hartford filing for a municipal bankruptcy, but did say he’s trying to stave off such a possibility.

One key, according to the mayor, is to change the way Hartford and its surrounding suburbs operate and interact, which he feels should become more regionalized and less city- or town-specific. “We have to come together as a state and as a region, and recognize that we’ve got a system that’s broken.  When you’ve got a property tax-based system, and you’ve got a city that has less property to tax than many surrounding suburbs, that’s a structure that is broken.”

Bronin emphasized that if Hartford wants to compete with other metro areas around the country, Connecticut’s cities and towns must figure out how they can operate regionally to be more efficient and effective in delivering services.

  1. Richard says:

    Don’t drag my “region” , or any other regions into your problems………………..your bed, you lie in it!

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