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Danbury Declares War On Noise

DANBURY, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) – The City of Danbury has rolled out a new noise-control ordinance with the help of a new “noise busters” vehicle. Borrowing liberally from the Ghost Busters tagline, a police-style sedan has lettering on the sides saying “Who Ya Gonna Call?… Noise Busters.” It’s driven by a noise control officer who has the power to issue warnings and tickets for excessively loud music and other auditory blight.

The car is backed by the ordinance which Boughton says is a first in Connecticut, relying not on sound metering to determine a violation, but the “plainly audible standard.” Boughton explains, “Look if I can hear it, it’s that loud that it’s coming through my car, or I can’t hear myself talk, then they could be subject to a citation or ticket.”

So far, the effort has received positive reviews, according to Boughton, but he says some young people feel they are being singled out because of their music. “We all, when we were younger, listened to loud music, but there’s a time and place to do those kinds of things and we just want to encourage them to have a good time, but do it in a respectful manner to the people around you.”


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