A Complete Guide To Connecticut School Start Dates

(CBS Connecticut)— It is the time of year when Staples airs its back to school commercial backed by the all-too-fitting tune “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year.”  The clever commercial makes parents laugh and children cringe.


But no matter how badly students wish for summer to never end, back to school is upon us.  Many Connecticut students will be going back to school next week.  In order to ensure that your child isn’t “that kid” who missed the first day of school, below is a comprehensive list of the starting dates of Connecticut schools and links to each district school calendar.


Also, in order to aid your back to school budget, be sure to get your back to school shopping done this week as sales tax-free week will be going on through Saturday.




School District                    First Day Of School                       Link To School Calendar

Ansonia Public Schools             August 27                        Ansonia Public School Calendar

Ashford Public School               August 28                        Ashford Public School Calendar

Avon Public Schools                   August 28                       Avon Public School Calendars

Berlin Public Schools                 August 27                        Berlin Public School Calendar

Bethany Public Schools             September 2                   Bethany Public School Calendar

Bethel Public Schools                 August 27                       Bethel Public School Calendar

Bloomfield Public Schools        September 2                   Bloomfield Public School Calendar

Bolton Public Schools                August 27                        Bolton Public School Calendar

Bozrah Public Schools               August 27                        Bozrah Public School Calendar

Branford Public Schools            August 28                       Branford Public School Calendar

Bridgeport Public Schools         August 28                       Bridgeport Public School Calendar

Bristol Public Schools                 August 28                       Bristol Public School Calendar

Brookfield Public Schools          August 28                       Brookfield Public School Calendar

Brooklyn Public Schools            August 27                        Brooklyn Public School Calendar

Canton Public Schools               August 27                        Canton Public School Calendar

Cheshire Public Schools            August 26                        Cheshire Public School Calendar

Clinton Public Schools              September 2                    Clinton Public School Calendar

Colchester Public Schools        August 27                         Colchester Public School Calendar

Columbia Public Schools          September 2                    Columbia Public School Calendar

Coventry Public Schools           August 27                         Coventry Public School Calendar

Cromwell Public Schools          August 27                         Cromwell Public School Calendar

Danbury Public Schools            August 25                        Danbury Public School Calendar

Darien Public Schools                August 25                        Darien Public School Calendar

Derby Public Schools                 August 27                        Derby Public School Calendar

East Granby Public Schools      August 28                       East Granby Public School Calendar

East Haddam Public Schools    September 2                   East Haddam Public School Calendar

East Hampton Public Schools   August 28                       East Hampton Public School Calendar

East Hartford Public Schools     August 27                       East Hartford Public School Calendar

East Haven Public Schools         August 27                       East Haven Public School Calendar

East Lyme Public Schools           August 27                       East Lyme Public School Calendar

East Windsor Public Schools      September 2 (1-9)        East Windsor Public School Calendar

East Windsor Public Schools      September 3 (10-11)

Ellington Public Schools              August 27                       Ellington Public School Calendar 

Enfield Public Schools                  September 2                  Enfield Public School Calendar

Fairfield Public Schools                August 28                      Fairfield Public School Calendar

Farmington Public Schools          August 25                      Farmington Public School Calendar

Glastonbury Public Schools         August 27                      Glastonbury Public School Calendar

Granby Public Schools                  September 2                 Granby Public School Calendar

Greenwich Public Schools            August 26                      Greenwich Public School Calendars

Groton Public Schools                  August 28                      Groton Public School Calendars

Guilford Public Schools                August 28                      Guilford Public School Calendars

Hamden Public Schools                August 28                      Hamden Public School Calendar

Hartford Public Schools                August 26                      Hartford Public School Calendar

Hebron Public Schools                  August 27                       Hebron Public School Calendar

Killingly Public Schools                 August 27 (PreK-9)     Killingly Public School Calendar

Killingly Public Schools                 August 28 (10-12)

Lebanon Public Schools                 August 27                       Lebanon Public School Calendar

Ledyard Public Schools                  August 27                       Ledyard Public School Calendar

Lisbon Central School                     August 27                      Lisbon Central School Calendar

Litchfield Public Schools                September 2                  Litchfield Public School Calendar

Madison Public Schools                  August 27                      Madison Public School Calendar

Manchester Public Schools             August 28 (K-9)          Manchester Public School Calendar 

Manchester Public Schools            August 29 (10-12)

Mansfield Public Schools                August 27                      Mansfield Public School Calendar

Marlborough Public Schools          August 27                     Marlborough Public School Calendar

Meriden Public Schools                   August 27                     Meriden Public School Calendar

Middletown Public Schools            August 28                     Middletown Public School Calendar

Milford Public Schools                     August 27                     Milford Public School Calendar

Monroe Public Schools                    August 26                     Monroe Public School Calendar

Montville Public Schools                 August 25                     Montville Public School Calendar

Naugatuck Public Schools               September 3                Naugatuck Public School Calendar

New Britain Public Schools             September 2                New Britain Public School Calendar

New Canaan Public Schools            August 27                     New Canaan Public School Calendar

New Fairfield Public Schools           August 28                    New Fairfield Public School Calendar

New Haven Public Schools               August 28                    New Haven Public School Calendar

New London Public Schools             August 25                    New London Public School Calendar

New Milford Public Schools             August 25                    New Milford Public School Calendar

Newington Public Schools                August 27                    Newington Public School Calendar

Newton Public Schools                      August 26                    Newton Public School Calendar

North Branford Public Schools        August 28                    North Branford Public School Calendar

North Haven Public Schools             August 27                    North Haven Public School Calendar

North Stonington Public Schools     August 27                    North Stonington Public School Calendar

Norwalk Public Schools                      August 28                   Norwalk Public School Calendar

Norwich Public Schools                      August 27                   Norwich Public School Calendar

Old Saybrook Public Schools             August 27                   Old Saybrook Public School Calendar

Oxford Public Schools                         August 27                   Oxford Public School Calendar

Plainfield Public Schools                    August 27                   Plainfield Public School Calendar

Plainville Public Schools                    September 2               Plainville Public School Calendar

Plymouth Public Schools                   August 27                    Plymouth Public School Calendar

Pomfret Community Schools            August 26                    Pomfret Community School Calendar

Portland Public Schools                     September 2                Portland Public School Calendar

Preston Public Schools                       August 27                     Preston Public School Calendar

Putnam Public Schools                       August 27                     Putnam Public School Calendar

Salem Public Schools                         August 27                      Salem Public School Calendar

Seymour Public Schools                     August 27                     Seymour Public School Calendar

Shelton Public Schools                       September 2                Shelton Public School Calendar

Sherman Public Schools                     August 27                    Sherman Public School Calendar

Simsbury Public Schools                    August 27                    Simsbury Public School Calendar

Somers Public Schools                        August 28                    Somers Public School Calendar

South Windsor Public Schools          August 27                    South Windsor Public School Calendar

Southington Public Schools               August 28                    Southington Public School Calendar

Stafford Public Schools                       August 27                    Stafford Public Schools Calendar

Sterling Community School               August 27                    Sterling Community School Calendar

Stonington Public Schools                  August 27                    Stonington Public School Calendar

Stratford Public Schools                      August 28                   Stratford Public School Calendar

Suffield Public Schools                        September 2               Suffield Public School Calendar

Thomaston Public Schools                 August 27                    Thomaston Public School Calendar

Thompson Public Schools                  August 27                    Thompson Public School Calendar

Tolland Public Schools                       August 27                     Tolland Public School Calendar 

Torrington Public Schools                 August 27                     Torrington Public School Calendar

Trumbull Public Schools                   August 26                    Trumbull Public School Calendar 

Union Public Schools                         August 27                     Union Public School Calendar

Vernon Public Schools                       August 27 (PK-6,9)    Vernon Public School Calendar

Vernon Public Schools                       August 28 (7,8, 10-12)

Voluntown Public Schools                  August 27                     Voluntown Public School Calendar

Wallingford Public Schools                August 27                     Wallingford Public School Calendar

Waterbury Public Schools                  August 25                     Waterbury Public School Calendar

Waterford Public Schools                   August 27                     Waterford Public School Calendar

Watertown Public Schools                  August 28                    Watertown Public School Calendar

West Hartford Public Schools            August 27                    West Hartford Public School Calendar

West Haven Public Schools                 August 27                   West Haven Public School Calendar

Westbrook Public Schools                   August 27                   Westbrook Public School Calendar

Weston Public Schools                         August 25                   Weston Public School Calendar

Westport Public Schools                      August 25                    Westport Public School Calendar

Wethersfield Public Schools               September 2                Wethersfield Public School Calendar

Willington Public Schools                   August 27                     Willington Public School Calendar

Wilton Public Schools                          August 25                     Wilton Public School Calendar

Winchester Public Schools                 August 27                      Winchester Public School Calendar

Windham Public Schools                    August 25                      Windham Public School Calendar

Windsor Public Schools                       August 26                     Windsor Public School Calendar

Windsor Locks Public Schools           August 26                     Windsor Locks Public School Calendar

Wolcott Public Schools                        August 27                     Wolcott Public School Calendar

Woodbridge Public Schools               September 2                 Woodbridge Public School Calendar

Woodstock Public Schools                  August 25                     Woodstock Public School Calendar 



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