By Ray Dunaway

Parody is officially dead. Parody is defined by Merriam Webster as taking a particular premise and taking it to it’s most ridiculous point. It’s supposed to be funny because it’s exaggeration to insanity.

But as the saying goes: “you can’t make this stuff up”.

At least not today…

“Redskins” is racist.

Certain “trigger words” can evoke a traumatic reaction in sensitive types.

Most of these charges are generally made by a relatively small group of individuals attempting to use their sense of victimhood as a means of getting the thrill of telling other people what to do.

So what follows is not Parody.

Nor Satire.

It’s true.

It seems the administration of University of Mississippi has quietly as students and professors to refrain from using the nickname “Ole Miss”; in any context other than as a reference to athletics.

Here’s a link to the story.

And ignorance on the part of the offended party is irrelevant.

Recall the story of an aide to the Mayor of D.C. who was temporarily fired for using the word “niggardly” in a conversation with several city employees. The word means “to be frugal” but the aggrieved employees filed a complaint and the aide, David Howard, was summarily fired.

A couple of weeks later, he regained his job. But I’m willing to bet his vocabulary has been trimmed.

From Provo Utah: An English as a Second Language found himself out of work after a blog post addressed to his students referred to “homophones”, words that sound alike, but have completely different meanings.

It was the “homo” that did him in.

The instructor, Tim Torkildson, reported that his boss was afraid that the school would be forever associated with….well, you know.

And finally, I wrote yesterday that VP Biden made reference to “the nation of Africa”. I gave him a pass, sure that this was merely a slip of the tongue.

But maybe not.

Former Speaker Pelosi tweet the following:

pelosi tweet

So this could mark a change in foreign policy.

I’d ask Secretary of State Kerry, but he’s enjoying some “me time” on Nantucket.

kerry Parody Is Officially Dead


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