(CBS Connecticut) — Recently-submitted development plans surrounding a planned minor league baseball stadium north of Hartford’s downtown could carry a price tag of between $300-million and $700-million, according to the city’s development director.

“We are trying to understand exactly what it is, and what they would be looking for from the city,” Deller said. “That is what is going to take some time in vetting these proposals.”

Deller said he did not know how much of the money would come from government sources and how much would come from private sources, under the plans.

The new estimates include the cost of building a new stadium, and associated improvements of up to $60-million.

“These are very extensive proposals, that we have just started to review,” Deller said.

At public hearings, many city residents balked at the original $60-million dollar stadium proposal, when it was expected taxpayers would be footing the bill.

One of the four initial proposals for a Rock Cats minor league baseball stadium-related development in Hartford has already been eliminated from contention.

The city of Hartford says it is now considering three development proposals, as part of a minor league baseball plan that could cost as much as $60-million.

One plan put forward by CV Properties would construct a large municipal office building and a garage that would be shared by both the stadium and the office building. CV Properties would hope to partner with other developers on housing and retail.

Another plan by Leyland Alliance and Centerplan would include more than 200-thousand square feet of office space for city officials, as well as restaurants, retailers, and hundreds of homes.

The third plan includes a new home for The Hooker Brewery. The brewery’s tasting and event room would be across the street from the entrance to the minor league stadium.

In a press release, the city said three of the four plans met the city’s criteria, but the statement did not explain what was deficient about the fourth proposal.

So far, the city has released only 1-paragraph summaries of the three remaining plans.

They are copied below:


CV Properties LLC

10 Channel Center Street             30 Jelliff Lane
Suite 500                                            Southport, CT 06890

Boston, MA 02210
Proposal Description:
Build a new municipal office building, ballpark to house the New Britain Rock Cats, and a garage to support both uses as well as support retail.  The proposal is meant to be a “catalytic project” that would help open additional development in the Downtown North area, expanding the tax base and creating a new opportunity for additional housing and retail.  CV Properties LLC goal would be to partner with other interested developers and users to advance the housing and retail components of the project.

Leyland Alliance                              Centerplan
233 Route 17                                    1710 Main Street
Tuxedo Park, NY 10987                   Middletown, CT 06457
Proposal Description:
A new ballpark, retail, (including a grocery store) restaurants, a brewery, 210,000 SF of municipal office space, and over 600 residential units.  The proposal also anticipates the implementation of street improvements recommended in the downtown master plan to create balanced streets that better accommodate pedestrians, bicycles, on-street parking and landscaping.

Thomas Hooker Brewing Company
16 Tobey Road
Bloomfield, CT 06002
Proposal Description:
Develop approximately one quarter of Parcel E for the new home for The Hooker Brewery.  The entrance to the Brewery’s tasting and event room is directly across the street from the entrance to the proposed new ballpark, creating a dynamic and active corner.


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