By Ray Dunaway

This will short and painless today.

I’m on the email list for the Democratic party and for the past few days, the fundraising hook has been devoted to the possibility of impeachment. From what I can tell, the talk is generally limited to Democrats desperately seeking a way to improve the party’s chances in November, and as we all know, money will play a key role in retaining control of the Senate and narrowing the Republican majority in the House.

The money will be used to fund a “ground game” (in other words; pay voters to show at the polls, at least once, but hopefully more) and of course, put political ads wall-to-wall on tv, radio, print, and increasingly, on the internet.

“Republicans want to kill children, escalate their insidious war on women, and put a coal-fired power plant in every neighborhood from sea to shining sea, thereby increasing carbon dioxide levels which will fuel sea-level rise, putting Bridgeport under 10 feet of water by 2050.”

So if I want to put a stop to these destructive plans, I need to send money right now.

What is interesting is how it appears that President Obama would welcome impeachment. And in fact, it seems as if he’s doing whatever he can to goad the House to hand up articles of impeachment. So prepare to see a lot of executive orders issued from now until November., beginning with the one he’ll issue within the next few weeks concerning immigration.

If the House follows Speaker Boehner, and declines to impeach; he wins.

If sufficient numbers of representatives vote to impeach: he wins.

Suppose the House does vote to impeach. The Senate will then conduct the trial, and since for now, Democrats control the Senior body, the President will be acquitted. Then again, as he’s done frequently in the past, Senate president Reid could just misplace the indictment.

He is from Nevada, after all, and often things (and people) get lost in the desert.

So if impeachment is a win-win for the President, why doesn’t he do something to push the process forward? After all, he has a phone and a pen

As David Burge, better known as Iowahawk tweeted yesterday:

“If Obama wants to be impeached so bad, why wait on Congress? Hell, just sign an executive order”

Or would that be an impeachable offence as well?


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