By Ray Dunaway

A river runs through it, and if critics are correct, the EPA will soon be regulating it under new regulations authorized by the Clean Air and Water Act. If that creek running through your yard feeds into a navigable waterway, such as the Farmington River, or the Connecticut River, the agency will have a say as to what goes into it.

If during a rainstorm, water runs off from your lawn and into the brook, you may be facing a violation. In other words, your yard belongs to all of us, and we’ll tell you what you can do with it.

It’s all for the children, no doubt.

What isn’t?

This is not a new idea however. Laws creating similar regulations have been proposed here in Connecticut. Outgoing (Thank the Lord!) State Senator Ed Meyer introduced similar legislation several times over the years. In part, the proposed rules would have created a “buffer zone” within a hundred yards of any waterway, and should you want to spread fertilizer or pesticide, you could find yourself in trouble.

Odds are, you’d have to conduct an environmental impact study, submit it to DEEP, and wait for a permit.

And it’s likely that by the time you received approval, the whole issue would be moot, since there would be snow on the ground.

But these new EPA rules could be applied to just about anything.

Even fireworks displays.

For several years, environmentalists have tried to ban public fireworks displays on the grounds that such entertainments needlessly pollute the air and water. And under these new regulations, their dreams could come true. At least that’s the claim made by a number of Republican members of the House, who as we know, have declared “War on Women”, and children.

So why should they care what effect fireworks shows have on their health?

As the crazy man of the Senate has often said:

Koch Brothers!

Do they manufacture pyrotechnics at one of their companies?

Who cares?

At this point it’s not clear if these new more stringent rules will be applied to Riverfest. But then again, I wouldn’t be surprised. So just in case, here’s a link to a website that lets you create your own personal 4th of July display.

So Gaia will be safe.

And you won’t have to pay for parking downtown.


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