By Ray Dunaway

In an opinion piece posted on, Lanhee Chen predicts the eventual demise of the still unpopular ACA.  In the article headlined “Obamacare’s Prognosis Grows Dimmer”, Chen asserts the bold initiative contains serious structural flaws which will eventually lead to it’s collapse.

We already know that most of the promises made have failed to materialize.

Rates are going up, and in some cases as much as 17-20 percent next year. So forget the average savings for a family of four of 2500 dollars.

And yes, more and more people are finding that they can’t keep their doctor if they want to.

Nor, if they’re happy with their current plan, can they keep it.

And the insurance industry, who endorsed the plan (unlike 1993, when they opposed Hillarycare), salivating at the prospect of younger, healthier enrollees, and the premiums they might bring, are finding that the bulk of those signing up for their plans, are sicker, and older, and more expensive.

And that’s the primary reason for the rate increases.

If you’re 27 and a triathelete, you’ll be paying the same rate as a 63- year-old diabetic who smokes and downs a quart of whiskey every day.

But Dr. Chen is missing the point. Obamacare is designed to fail.  It always was.

And as it collapses from under its own weight, the public will demand change. Sadly, by the time that groundswell develops, the current infrastructure will have been so gravely damaged, that there will be no way to go back to what was. And so the ultimate goal will be attained: Single payer.

That’s not to say that the old way was perfect, but the shortfalls could have been corrected. But that was then.

And those of you, like Donald Berwick, one of the plan’s primary architects, who just love the National Health Service in the UK, will be thrilled.  And you will wait, and wait and wait for care, just as veterans do now. Just as Canadians do now. Just as Brits wait now.

So thank your U.S. representative for their accomplishments. They should be proud. They should rejoice, just as the members in the photo above did as they marched to the

Capitol to vote “yes”. Recognize anyone?

I guess it seemed funny at the time.


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