KEENE, N.H. (CBS Connecticut) – A town in New Hampshire wants to ban chalk graffiti.

Chalk graffiti has been around for years, appearing on sidewalks, buildings, and monuments; but recently people have said it is getting out of hand.

“Everyone was well behaved for the most part,” City Councilman Randy Filiault told WMUR-TV. “I think there was a lot of convincing arguments about why we need to proceed with the ordinance.”

Filiault added that his office has received hundreds of complaints lately.

“It’s a slap in the face to all the veterans who have had friends who have died,” veteran Matt Ferrari told the station.

Filiault went on to say that the graffiti has been out of control lately. He said a man was hospitalized last week after being pushed into the fountain in Central Square after getting into a discussion about the graffiti drawings.

“We don’t need to see found language,” Dorrie O’Meara, who witnessed the incident, told WMUR. “Our kids don’t need to see Nazi signs. We don’t need to see their political statements.”

O’Meara said the group responsible for the drawings is called Free Keene. Members of Free Keene say their messages are about peace and that they are not trying to offend.

“It’s disappointing that they are going to waste the city’s money with something as ridiculous as this,” Ian Freeman from Free Keene said.

The city will begin the process of putting together an ordinance, but it will take some time.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” Filault said. “It takes time to get an ordinance crafted, and I would rather take our time and di it right rather than put it together and have the courts throw it out.”

Once a draft is completed it will be up to the City Council to vote on its approval.


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