One Of First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Loses Zoning Request

(CBS Connecticut)-– One of the first planned medical marijuana dispensaries for Connecticut  has encountered a stumbling block.

Earlier this month, the Department of Consumer Protection announced approval of six medical marijuana dispensaries. Next, each of those approved  must submit the $5,000 license fee and final documentation, including zoning approval.

But, for one of the approved dispensaries,  providing final documentation could be a problem. D&B Wellness is supposed to be located on Main Street in Bridgeport, but Monday night  the Bridgeport Zoning Commission voted against the dispensary.

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch agreed with the decision, saying the location was too close to residential properties.

D&B has until May 3rd to get zoning approval, in order to meet state requirements. An appeal on the zoning denial is likely. If the deadline is missed, it’s not clear what the next step would be — at the city or state level.


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