By Ray Dunaway

Sorry, but it’ll be a short visit today, so just a few items:

In yesterday’s piece I wrote about the 7 million, 41 thousand alleged sign-ups for Obamacare, and the reasoning behind such a specific claim.  What has occurred to me since (being somewhat cynical) is that the White House is trying to limit the damage to legislative candidates this fall by declaring victory, and moving on.  The President himself said that the debate is over, echoing a favorite debating point used by global warming mystics: “the science is settled!”, which is a nice way of saying “SHUT UP!”

It’s pretty clear that this is the strategy, since Valerie Jarrett has adopted a new hash tag #7Millionandcounting.  So there! END OF DISCUSSION!  The science is settled.  Your rates have gone up?  The science is settled!  Your deductible is now 5000 dollars?  #7Millionandcounting!  Your favorite doctor is no longer part of your new plan?


Move along. Nothing to see here. The debate is over.

So let’s do just that…

I have a number of websites that I visit throughout the day.  Instapundit, Mental floss, Ace of Spades hq, Drudge, News Junkie, Ct Mirror, and the indispensable Ct capitol report.  And this little bit comes from Business Insider.  As you know, Scott Gray and I have a bunch of favorite movies; Road House, Caddyshack, Love Story, and of course Animal House.  BI has a short article today with some little- known facts about the classic.

Universal studios wanted a name brand actor added to the cast- after all, if they were going to risk 3 million bucks on the films production, there had to be an actor that would draw an audience, guaranteeing good “box office”.   And so, the producer, Matty Simmons approached Donald Sutherland, who was hot at the time. Sutherland was offered a part, but would accept only one day on the set and for that, he would be paid 250 thousand dollars. The studio counter-offered 20 thousand dollars, and 2 percent of the films profits. Sutherland turned that down, figuring, along with the studio, that Animal House would most likely bomb.

He settled for 35 thousand.

Dean Wormer, Bluto, Flounder, and Eric Stratton, rush chairman, went on to gross over 500 million, in today’s dollars.  Sutherland’s two percent would have been worth 10 million bucks today.

He chose poorly, you might say.

On tomorrow’s show we’ll be talking to Henry Payne from the Detroit News about the General Motors ignition switch problem.


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