HARTFORD (CBS Connecticut) — Quinnipiac University is out with more findings from the Q-Poll of some 13-hundred voters taken last week.   86 percent of those polled say they approve of the way Governor Malloy is handling this winter’s snowstorms —  including 84 percent of Republicans.  But only 33 percent approve of his handling of the economy and jobs,    29 per cent his efforts on taxes and 41 percent his work on education.

The survey found 61-to 32 percent in favor of doctor-assisted suicide —    with a higher margin among younger voters and 54-to-37 percent support among those older than 65.

On other matters,   those polled supported the death penalty 57 percent to 34 percent. Poll director Doug Schwartz says support for the death penalty has dropped ten percent in the last three years.

63 percent of those questioned say Governor Malloy’s proposal to use part of the state surplus for tax refunds of up to 110-dollars per household is NOT good public policy.  83 percent of Republicans, 71 percent of independents and 41 percent of Democrats called the plan a “gimmick.”

When asked what the most important priority should be for the governor and the legislature,   36 percent said the economy and jobs. . .  14 percent said taxes. . .11  percent, education and eight percent said the state budget and government spending.


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