(Milford, Conn./CBS Connecticut) – Police in Milford are warning city residents of a phone scam.

They say at this point, three people have been targeted.

According to police, the victims were told that a family member was been involved in a motor vehicle accident with the caller.

The caller then tells the victim that the family member is being held hostage until money is electronically wired via Western Union.

In two of the incidents, one victim wired $500 and another $3,600.

In the third incident, the person receiving the call simply hung up.

Police advise consumers to be hesitant of phone solicitations.

Also, don’t provide any personal information or respond to any e-mails, ask the name of any relative said to be in trouble, contact that relative to verify there is no problem, and avoid sending money or providing banking information to any fraudster.

Anyone with any inforamtion should get in touch with Milford police detectives.


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