Firefighters Leave Quarry Scene, Buried Fire Still Smolders

This morning, firefighters left the scene of a quarry fire in Branford. Two firefighters were stationed in the quarry all night.

Tires caught fire yesterday at the Stony Creek Quarry.

“Because rubber material is one of the most difficult to put out, we extinguished the bulk of the fire with water, and then workers there buried it with payloaders in about 3 feet of sand,” Branford Fire Chief Jack Ahern said. “That will hold anything in check as far as flames breaking out.”

Ahern says the fire is still burning under the sand, but only a few wisps of smoke are escaping.

The fire started when an employee was too close to the tires, when he burned some boxes that had held explosives.

Officials used a firefighter’s small, remote controlled aircraft to look at the scene from above.  There was concern that the flames might threaten explosives nearby, but the pictures showed there was some distance between the fire and the explosives.

Surrounding homes were evacuated yesterday.

There were no injuries.


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