By Bob Joyce

Yep, that’s right…10 games left on the 2013-14 regular season schedule. And well, the beat rolls on and the injuries remain to be pesky at best. Finally some closure this week on Morgan Tuck’s right knee. The announcement of surgery caps the Sophomore’s season, all too brief. It’ll be a long road back for Morgan with OATS surgery. I’ll let you look it up to figure out what exactly the process is…

As for the team ? No player is shooting the ball better right now that Bria Hartley. Since the 2nd half against Baylor, she’s been lights out. 17/35 in her last 6 games from three point range and after going 131 games without back to back 20 point games, she’s gone 30, 20 and 26. A big reason for the 3 point success ? Arc on her shot. It’s there and as a shooter, arc is a big plus. 6 of 7 Sunday from deep is proof. And her back court mate Moriah Jefferson has been just as special. Her numbers in the last 4 games alone, 40 points, 26 assists, 19 steals and only 3 turnovers. Her assist to turnover ratio is right around 3 to 1 for the season. Between her steals and the 150+ blocks by the trio of Stewey, Stef and Kia Stokes, a lethal combination where the Huskies as a whole can take more chances on defense.

Speaking of the bigs, not many negatives to speak of right now. They’ve been extremely effective all season long. Now that we know the situation with Tuck, Kia Stokes needs to add offensive production to what has been a much improved season from her first two. Give them 6-10 points a night off the bench in addition to what she’s done on the boards and with the blocks, she’ll be a big plus for the Huskies.

Now it’s just a matter of the off the bench back court of Banks and Chong to get healthy. Brianna is dealing with a sore ankle right now and the more I looked at Soniya Chong today as the game went on, it looked as if she’s coming down with something flu like. That’s all they need right now eh ??

It’s on to Philly and Cincinnati for the Huskies for the second go-around with the Owls and Bearcats this week. Great job by the season high 13,000+ at the XL Today for showing up..And those Junior Huskies had a ball today shooting free throws afterwards. We’ll be on the air Tuesday Night at 6:30 from McGonagal Hall….hope you can join us…


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