Where do we go from here?  The obvious answer is Met Life Stadium in frosty New Jersey, February 2nd, Super Bowl XLVIII, but there’s more to it than that.  Where do we go from here?  What can Supe XLVIII possibly do to live up to the advance billing, Championship Sunday?  Two days later and we can’t stop talking about it, and all the talk is about, well, talk.

All of the commentary is on, not game action, but comments, and it’s all a sad commentary on the current state of the media.  Forget that Richard Sherman did make the play of the game in the Seahawks NFC Championship Game win over the 49ers, reviews of the play are primarily used as lead-ins to recaps of the nonsensical comments Sherman made in his post game interview with FOX sideline reporter Erin Andrews, in which he all but questioned the manhood of 49ers reciever Michael Crabtree, comments that were not only idiotic, but esoteric to Andrews and her audience, who weren’t privvy to the apparent feud between Sherman and Crabtree.  The media couldn’t get enough.  As Andrews would admit later, Sherman gave FOX just what they hope for when they ambush players in high testosterone, post game moments and they wouldn’t mind more of the same February 2nd, to make their Super Bowl coverage more exciting.

For those who know nothing more about the play in question than the rhetoric it led to, Sherman got perfect position on Crabtree in the end zone as Colin Kaepernick was trying to throw for a game tying touchdown in the final 30 seconds.  Sherman deflected the pass away from Crabtree and into the arms of a teammate for an interception that effectively ended the game.  Maybe someday someone will talk about that.  Someday after Sherman has finished sending tweets and holding press conferences to explain his comments.

We’ve seen plenty of action shots of Wes Welker’s hit on Patriots number one cover corner Aqib Talib in the Broncos AFC Championship game win, full speed, slow motion, stop action, but only as wallpaper for the comments made by Patriots coach Bill Belichick at his wrap up press conference yesterday morning, when he accused Welker, the former Patriots reciever, of intentionally taking Talib out on the play “With no attempt to get open”, trying to take him out of the game.  After opening the can of worms Belichick said he wasn’t going to talk about it anymore and hoped the NFL would investigate the play and take action.

No well paid commentator worth his paycheck has yet to check in on the play itself.  With the ball in the air, did Welker take a dead run at Talib rather than trying to find an open route, or was it an accidental collision as they were each trying to get out of each other’s way, as Welker claims?  If the NFL stays mum on the stituation we may never know, because todays commentators would rather commentate on comments than the play because they’re much more interesting, not to mention, inflammatory.

In todays sports world, words speak louder than actions and, as Erin Andrews said later, FOX wouldn’t mind more of the same at Super Bowl XLVIII because that would make it much more interesting, that, or a foot of snow and a few closed travel lanes on the George Washington bridge.

With a comment, if I may use the word in it’s original context, from the sports world, I’m Scott Gray.

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