Here’s what you can expect on Friday January 10th with Ray Dunaway.

6:50- Dr. Jeffrey Factor, Allergist, Hartford Hospital is on the air.  Ray and a few other people have been sneezing a lot lately, not a “cold” sneeze but more of an allergy sneeze. So I was wondering if there was an allergist we could have on to discuss season and indoor allergies. Should people go back and see their allergist from season to season and maybe switch up medication or relief remedies? Are more people prone to indoor season allergies that outdoor seasonal allergies? Does the work environment play a big role?

7:20- Jeffrey Villar, Executive Director, The Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER) is here. Villar will hold  a press conference on Thursday, where the organization’s and Vice Chairman, Ramani Ayer, will discuss CCER’s Legislative Agenda for the 2014 session.

8:20- James Bergenn is on with Ray to discuss the State Supreme Court Review Sought In Eddie Perez Corruption Case. A state’s attorney  filed paperwork seeking to get the Connecticut Supreme Court to consider restoring former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez’s corruption conviction.

8:50- Steve Collins, reporter for the Bristol Press will be on.  After the city ended the last fiscal year with a surplus of $670,000, Bristol’s “rainy day” fund has grown to more than $24 million. That amounts to 15.3 percent of its $181 million annual budget, a level of spare cash that far exceeds the 10 percent the Board of Finance has called for.

All this, plus Weather and Traffic on the 8′s, Scott Gray’s Sports Commentary and much more.  Tune in to WTIC NewsTalk 1080 or Click Here to listen online.


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