For the fifth year, people with unwanted guns will be able to exchange them for gift cards in a “buy-back” program Saturday in Hartford.

The event is this Saturday, December 7th,  from 9am until 3pm at The Community Renewal Team offices at 555 Windsor Street.

It is open to all Connecticut residents and participants are asked to bring unloaded weapons in clear plastic bags.

Stop & Shop gift cards will be exchanged for guns according to the following values:  $150 for an assault rifle, $75 for a handgun and $25 for a shotgun or rifle.

Non-working guns, black powder guns and ammunition can also be anonymously turned in but aren’t eligible for a reward, police said. Every gun received Saturday will be destroyed unless forensic testing indicates that one was used in a crime.

The holiday gun “buy-back” program is an effort to get unwanted guns off the streets.  Each year the number of weapons collected increases.  Last year they took in 134 handguns and 34 rifles and shotguns.  This year they hope to break 200.

The event is sponsored by:  Hartford Hospital, St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Community Renewal Team, City of Hartford, Hartford Police, Hartford’s State’s Attorney’s Office and Emergency Nurses Association.

For more information on this event click here.

pixel Gun Buy Back Saturday In Hartford
  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    I would have paid them twice as much. Well, if they are stupid enough to turn in their guns, then they were too stupid to have them in the first place.

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