BOSTON (CBS Connecticut) – Children tend to trust people with attractive faces more than unattractive ones, a new study has found.

32 preschool children were shown pictures of a novel object and two adult faces on either side.

The faces were taken from a pool of 48 photos that had been ranked from most attractive to least attractive by college students.

The scientists then asked the children who they would ask to correctly identify the object.

Researchers found the kids chose the attractive face over the unattractive one.

Then each face would “offer” a different name for the object.

Again the children were more likely to trust the answer of the more attractive person.

Girls had a greater preference for the attractive face than the boys, the study revealed.

“We see from the results that children and especially girls have more trust in attractive faces, even though there are no obvious reasons why people with more attractive faces would be more knowledgeable about object labels,” said study author Igor Bascandziev of Harvard University, quoted in the International Business Times.

The study suggests humans are born with an inherent bias towards more attractive people.

Other studies have shows children are more likely to trust someone from their own cultural and ethic backgrounds.

Bascandziev says it would be interesting to see more research along these lines.

The study appears in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology.


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