A ceremony was held in a small park in front of the O’Neill state armory in Hartford today, in honor of a recently deceased Dayville man who was awarded the silver star for his actions during Vietnam.

Calvin Heath was a radio telephone operator who was trapped with a group of  four wounded men, surrounded by North Vietnamese fighters in March, 1968.

One of the soldiers moved during the night, and was killed.

Jeff Wishik was one of the other injured men.  He flew from Huntsville, Alabama to attend the ceremony.

“In the morning, after about sixteen hours… Calvin was able to crawl for help,” Wishik said. “They sent out help.”

“Three of us survived that. Sadly, one of them was killed in an automobile accident a couple of years later.  You figure, how, after all of that, that could happen,” Wishik said.  “And Calvin just passed away. Out of the four, I feel a little lonely for my battle buddies right now.”

Calvin Heath died in July, at the age of 64.


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