Scott is picking the Red Sox to beat the Rays… afraid, BE VERY AFRAID !!!!


So far, so good.  I’m 0 for 2 in baseball’s post season.  You may not want to put much store in my predictions, and Red Sox fans can’t be happy about me picking the Olde Towne Team to go all the way.  I had the Rangers over the Rays in the wild card play-in game Monday and the Indians advancing to play the Sox in the division round.  Who ever would have guessed those pesky Rays, who limped into the stretch, would suddenly come on in three must win road games in three different cities in four days?  Obviously I didn’t.

Now it looks like I’m already 0 for 3.  I had the Yankees making no impact in the post season, but all of baseball is keeping a peripheral eye on New York, because those bothersome Bombers may be the team to watch this October. They’re already mounting a challenge to whoever ends up claiming the World Series title.  Yesterday was day one for the Yanks assault on next year’s post season, when they made their first proposal to Joe Girardi to keep him on as their manager after his contract runs out on Halloween.  His agent came back with a counter proposal, both sides saying it went very well, and those Chicago Cubs, with their lean and hungry look, may never get a crack at the manager of their dreams.

Of more interest, looking as if it might play out over the entire post season schedule, is Alex Rodriquez’ appeal of his 211 game Biogenisis suspension.  Major League Baseball is intent on keeping this going for a long run to standing room crowds by keeping their star witness, Biogenisis owner Tony Bosch, on the stand, in front of their questioners, as long as possible, before A-Rods side has at him.  A lot of baseball observers are invested in this case, Orioles manager Buck Showalter having already fired the first shot of concern shared by others in his position.  If the Yankees get A-Rod’s money back, and they stand to get anywhere from 15 to 30 million next year alone, or all of it over the long haul, how are they going to spend it?  Buck think’s they’ll be raiding the ranks of other organizations and he’s expressed particular concern about his young catcher.  The Yankees are already thinking about the new riches they may have to spend, with an intense interest in pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, who went 22-0  with a 1.23 ERA in the Japanese League.   Of more concern around baseball is, if the Yankees do have visions of A-Rod money dancing in their heads, and they’re preparing a wish list for how to spend it, what if A-Rod wins the case and they don’t get anything?  Will they just decide finishing out of the playoffs for the sake of avoiding a luxury tax isn’t all that great and revert to their old ways, spend, spend, spend, until they have every void filled and every piece in place?

As much interest as their always is this time of year in watching the pursuit of a World Series title play out, this year there are as many observers watching closely to see how the Yankees make out this post season.  With a comment from the sports world, I’m Scott Gray.


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