MOSCOW (CBS Connecticut) – Tim Tebow is still hoping to sign with a NFL team.

As we reported earlier in the week, Tebow was offered $1 million to play two games for the Moscow Black Storm.

Mikhail Zaltsman, the owner of the Black Storm, told R-Sport that Tebow will not be joining his team.

“Unfortunately agents of Tim Tebow turn down our proposal, Zaltsman said in an e-mail to the news agency. “I hope that its Tebow’s agents’ fault that the contract wasn’t signed and Tim couldn’t do anything about it.”

Zaltsman said Tebow showed him some interest in coming over to play for his team but said Tebow’s agents stood in the way and did now want Tebow to play. Zaltsman said Tebow’s agents only wanted him to come to Russia as a motivational speaker and “tell Russian fans bout his dream to play football and about his suffering while he’s not playing.”

According to the team’s online newsletter, The Black Storm will face the Moscow Patriots on Saturday Sept. 28 in the finals of the national championship.

Tebow may still have one last shot to make it back to the NFL.

According to CBS Sports, a rally was held earlier this week in Jacksonville by fans to convince Jaguar ownership to sign Tebow.

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