Local and federal law enforcement officials carried out a bust in Hartford this afternoon, at the intersection of Broad Street and Ward Street.

At least four men were detained in handcuffs, but it was not immediately clear how many of them were actually arrested.

At the intersection, investigators were inside the Family Beltre Grocery, also called Unique Grocery.

At one point, two burly men were being held in handcuffs outside the convenience store.

Investigators were going in and out of the shop.

Some of them were Hartford Officers in regular uniforms, others were city or federal investigators in plainclothes, or wearing black vests laden with gear.

Two men were detained outside the shop, in handcuffs.

Investigators also went in and out of at least two apartment buildings, one next door, the other across the street.

There was a heavy police presence when investigators first arrived.

At one point, a man was held in handcuffs on the side of Ward Street outside the store. A short distance down the street, a young woman looked on, and cried.

Nearby, investigators laid out evidence in plastic bags, on the hood of a sedan.

One of the bags included a thick wad of cash.

A small crowd of people were gathered across the street watching.

Some of them spoke about how they were going to get their loved one bailed out.


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