CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (CBS Connecticut) – A recently-conducted survey that involved the incoming class of freshmen at Harvard University found that the majority of those students are virgins.

According to the Harvard Crimson, only 35 percent of students in the class of 2017 have engaged in sexual intercourse before starting their educations.

The school’s newspaper also learned that 81 percent of those students lost their virginity during their high school years, and 62 percent have had only one sexual partner.

Those conducting the survey looked at the pool of students questioned from a variety of perspectives – religious affiliation and attendance of public school or private school to name two – and re-calibrated the results accordingly. For example, when students who were also recruited athletes were asked, 53 percent said they had engaged in sexual intercourse before college.

The Crimson added, “In comparison, only one third of incoming Harvard freshmen who were not recruited to play a varsity sport reported that they have had sex.”

The survey, which involved a reported 80 percent of the incoming class of students at 1,311 participants, was a part of a larger overall study about the habits of freshmen in regards to a wide variety of topics.


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