$7.7-million was distributed today to families of people killed at the Sandy Hook elementary school, to wounded educators, and to children who saw the shooting.

The money went out in the form of checks or electronic transfers.

Most of it went to the families of slain teachers and educators.

Newtown Sandy Hook Community Foundation Board Chair Charles Herrick says all of the families that were eligible for the payments accepted the money.

“Many families are in need immediately financially,” Herrick said. “Other families have already organized and established funds of their own that they wish the money to be earmarked for.”

Herrick said the people who were on the committee that decided how the $7.7-million should be distributed amongst the victims found the work very difficult.

“They reported that it was one of the most challenging experiences they had ever gone through,” Herrick said.  “It was extremely emotional, but they were committed to following through and they did a great job.”

Next, a committee will be set up to determine how to use the $3.9-million remaining in a fund set up to benefit the victims of the shooting, and the Newtown community.


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