A Wolcott man is charged with impersonating a police officer after police stopped him in Old Lyme Thursday evening.  He allegedly had been stopping boaters, demanding to see their registrations and boater safety certificates,  in one case commandeering a boat by identifying himself as a Police or Coast Guard Official.

Police say they found 46-year-old Bruce Browne with multiple weapons, ammunition,  body armor reading “Police,”  a  metal Transportation Security Administration badge and expired coast Guard identification.

Police say a check with those agencies found Browne is not affiliated with either the TSA or the Coast Guard.  His vehicle,  a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria of the type used by law enforcement agencies,  had what appeared to be antennas mounted on the trunk and had “hideaway” lights.

Police say when they questioned Browne, he was wearing military-type clothing and admitted walking on Sea View Drive wearing a black nylon gun belt with a loaded 9 millimeter pistol. Browne reportedly is the brother of former Massachusetts Senator Scott Browne.  (See the story from CBS Boston.)

Police say in his vehicle  they found  three loaded 9 millimeter handguns,  2 sets of handcuffs, a collapsible tactical baton of the type used by police agencies, twelve fully loaded magazines with 101 hollow point and 102 bal 9 millimeter bullets.

Browne is charged with impersonating a police officer,  interfering with a police officer,  possession of a dangerous weapon in a motor vehicle and breach of peace.

The Coast Guard is investigating recent reports of similar incidents in which vessels were stopped..


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