Waterbury Police have made two arrests  and are in the process of  applying for  arrest warrants  for seven others  accused of breaking into  and   damaging  the public pool  in Fulton Park.

18 year old  Jamie Bryan and a  17 year old have been charged with Criminal Mischief. The warrants are for  juveniles raging in age from 13 to 17.

Park Department employees discovered the vandalism  July 19th when they arrived for work.The storage shed  and lifeguard office were broken into and maintenance equipment, pool chemicals annd blue paint  had been thrown into the pool.

The pool had to be drained  and repaired  at an estimated cost of $5400 .

During the investigation  it was determined a possible motive for the crime was  Bryan’s anger at a lifeguard  for an incident which   occrred the day before.Another possible motive is  one of the juveniles  who caused the damage  had been arrested at the pool for fighting.

Bryan is due in  court August 8 and the 8  juvenile  cases will be handled through the  juvenile  court system.


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