A states attorney today cross-examined a doctor accused of sexually assaulting a patient at an East Hartford medical office.

In sometimes heated questioning, the states attorney tried to punch holes in Doctor Edwin Enjoku’s version of what happened in one of his exam rooms, on a Saturday Afternoon in October, 2011.

The state’s attorney tried to call into question Njoku’s possible explanation about how the doctor’s DNA got onto the woman’s jeans.

He said he released pre-ejaculate fluid, but under cross-examination he said she touched him outside his underpants, for as little as a few seconds, after she rubbed her buttocks against his groin while getting off the exam table.

“If you have direct contact with the penis, there is a certain physiological response that we have no control over,” Njoku said.

The doctor repeatedly tried to described male sexual response, as the states attorney pressed for certain details about his version of what happened in the exam room.

The judge repeatedly instructed Njoku to stop what he was saying, and directly answer questions.

The state tried to show that it would have been unlikely for a woman to get down off the table, rubbed her buttocks on his crotch, stuck her hand down his pants and grabbed him, before he could stop her.

The woman, identified only as AD, has given a very different version of events, testifying earlier in the trial that the doctor held her down, and raped her on the exam table.


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