HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra’s former chief of staff has been arrested on charges that he used a city vehicle without permission after he left office.

Jared Kupiec, 30, was charged Tuesday with using a motor vehicle without the owner’s permission and interfering with police, both misdemeanors.

Police were investigating smashed vehicle windows July 8 when they discovered that one of the vehicles was owned by the city and parked in front of Kupiec’s apartment, Lt. Brian Foley said. That prompted an investigation.

Kupiec has acknowledged using a spare set of keys to take the SUV without permission, Segarra’s office has said.

Kupiec resigned in June amid criticism of his city credit card use.

Before stepping down, he reimbursed the city nearly $460 for credit card charges at a New Year’s Eve dinner with Segarra and several others.

Ross Garber, Kupiec’s attorney, said in a statement Wednesday that he and Kupiec are in the process of addressing the latest allegations.

“Jared worked incredibly hard for the people of Hartford,” Garber said. “This unfortunate issue relates to time following that work. It does not diminish his accomplishments.”

Kupiec was released on a promise to appear in court Aug. 8.


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