SYOSSET, N.Y. (CBS Connecticut) – A new study has found that omitting breakfast from your daily routine will not result in weight gain, as previously thought.

The study, though small in scale, reportedly found little merit in the widespread belief that missing out on breakfast would result in a larger caloric intake later in the day.

HealthDay is reporting that 24 college students of average weights participated in the study, coordinated by researchers at Cornell University. After monitoring the participants’ eating habits, they found that people may even consume fewer calories if breakfast is skipped.

“If you are a breakfast eater and we take it away, you will be hungrier, but you won’t overeat at subsequent meals,” study author Dr. David Levitsky, a professor at Cornell, was quoted as saying. “You can skip breakfast and not feel that you will become overweight.”

Other researchers in the field, including Christine Santorini – a lead nutritionist at the Center for Weight Management of Syosset Hospital – noted that the food choices made after skipping breakfast were still detrimental to the overall health of the person, even if those choices result in a smaller number of calories eaten in a given day.

“I have found … that those who skip breakfast and go into the rest of the day very hungry tend to make high-fat choices, with compromised fruit and vegetable intake,” she noted.

The study was published in July’s Physiology and Behavior, HealthDay learned.


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