New Haven Police called off a Silver Alert for a missing child after they found first her uncle,  who had been watching her,  then located the little girl after the uncle could not remember where he left her,  and the woman he’d entrusted with the child turned her over to another woman.

Police say 41-year-old Calvin Allen of New Haven arrived at a hospital emergency room about six hours after the four-year-old Naomi West’s mother had reported her missing —  but he was admitted for substance detoxification,  and told authorities he could not remember where he had left the child.

Naomi West’s mother told police her brother had been released from prison ten days earlier,  and was staying with her and using her cellphone.  He told other family members he wanted to go out, but when no one was able to care for the four-year-old,  he took the child along.

At the hospital, police say Allen was able to remember a few details, including a yellow house,

Police following his directions found and checked several yellow houses until they found one where a woman claimed to know nothing about  the child and would not let police inside.  However an officer who spotted a young girl called Naomi’s name,  and the  little girl rean down the stairs, out the door, to her mother’s arm.

Police say the woman inside physically attached police,  who arrested her on a charge of interfering with police.

They say it turned out that Naomi and two other children had been put into the care of that woman,  identified as Jecenia Vicente,  by the mother of the other children,  who had been given $20 by Calvin Allen to watch Naomi.

Police say Calvin Allen is under police guard at the hospital,   undergoing psychiatric evaluation and treatment for substance abuse.  He’s charged with risk of injury to a child.

Police say the Department of Children and Families is now involved in the case.


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