Caution Advised For Those Who Work In Hot Conditions

With temperatures expected to top 90 degrees with high humidity over the next several days, health experts are advising those who work outdoors to be mindful of heat stress.

Young and old alike, as well as people with underlying medical conditions or who take certain types of medications are at risk.

Dr. Jewell Mullen, the state’s commissioner of the Department of Public Health, says heat stress can cause one to seek emergency medical treatment or even death in extreme cases.  She says both are preventable.

DPH says employers can take actions to protect workers in hot environments.  They include encouraging frequent breaks away from sunlight.

Also, schedule physically-demanding work during cooler parts of the day.

And those working in hot environments are encouraged to drink non-caffeinated liquids to stay hydrated.  The suggestion is eight ounces every 20 to 30 minutes.


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