Congressman John Larson spoke at a summit on transportation and energy Tuesday morning, voicing his support for stronger commitments to alternative energy sources.

The summit, “Fueling the Nation: The Transportation Transformation,” was held by the National Journal and brought together government representatives and energy, environment, and industry experts to discuss the future of the United States’ fuel policy.

Larson spoke out about the Natural Gas Act, which he sponsors in the House, and discussed the benefits of fracking and other alternative energy sources. Fracking, he says, is “breakthrough” that could help the United States reduce its dependency on foreign energy.

Larson also said that with more energy independence, the country could have a stronger bargaining chip in foreign policy.

“It places the United States back in the center of the room and at the table instead of being outside the glass doors, listening in when…global energy policy gets decided,” Larson said.

Without a major alternative energy strategy in place in the United States, moderator Ron Fournier questioned Larson about his party’s lack of action, despite holding control of the White House over the last 5 years. Larson said both Democratic and Republican administrations of the past have failed to deal with the issue.

In the years to come, Larson hopes to see the nation adopt President Obama’s “all of the above” strategy towards alternative energy, which would focus on making efforts to utilize as many alternative energy sources as possible.


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