A West Hartford woman was injured in an encounter with a bear outside her home on Avondale Road about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Sharon Flannery suffered a puncture wound and scratches to her leg as she tried to protect her daughter and her dog.

She tells WTIC news her daughter saw the bear chasing  her dog,  and she kicked at the animal as she tried to get the dog safely into the house.

“From around the corner,  this huge bear came running after the dog.  It came running right up to the door of the house and it looked like it was going to come and I was yelling and screaming. And then it got almost into the house
and I didn’t know what to do, so I kicked it.  And then  it kind of looked at me and  went running back off.”

The bear and its two yearling offspring took refuge in a tree in a neighbor’s yard,  where Environmental Conservation police from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection tranquilized all three.

The 200-pound bear was euthanized,  to be tested for rabies, because of Mrs. Flannery’s injuries.  The yearling bears are old enough to live on their own, and were being re-located. A DEEP spokesman says all three had been previously tagged and were in good health.


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