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Bill Modifies Traffic Stop Collection Requirements, Avoids Profiling

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(Frederick J. Brown.AFP/Getty Images)

(Frederick J. Brown.AFP/Getty Images)

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ A bill requiring police officers to record additional details of their traffic stops in an effort to avoid racial profiling is moving to the governor’s desk.

The legislation, which the House of Representatives passed Thursday, 130-0, stems from recommendations from the Racial Profiling Prohibition Project Advisory Board.

Current law requires officers to record the date, time and location of the stop. Under the bill, the specific geographic location of the traffic stop must also be recorded.

The bill also requires that additional departments, including UConn and Connecticut State University police, record traffic stop data and adopt policies that prohibit stopping, detaining or searching anyone solely because of a person’s race, color, ethnicity, age, gender or sexual orientation.

The bill also makes changes to standardized forms for recording traffic stop data.

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