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Transfer Station Workers Accused Of Pocketing Fees

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Map of Connecticut showing Guilford.

Map of Connecticut showing Guilford.

The foreman and a worker at the Guilford transfer station have been arrested on larceny charges.

Frank Cole has worked for the town for 17 years.  Philip Hunt has worked for the town for 15 years.

First Selectman Joseph Mazza says the men are accused of pocketing some of the fees charged to users of the transfer station.

“People in this town put a lot of trust in our employees… Except for these two individuals, we have very dedicated, honest and hardworking employees,” Mazza said

“This just gives everyone a black mark,” Mazza said. “I’m pissed off.”

Mazza says the theft appears to have been going on for some time.

The first selectman said a resident told him about the theft, and police were asked to investigate.

Starting on Monday, the Guilford transfer station will no longer accept cash to pay the $7 dollar per trunk load fee.  Instead, credit cards, local checks, and pre-paid tickets from the Guilford or Madison town clerks will be accepted.

Hunt and Cole have been put on paid leave, until the criminal case is resolved.  Hunt was due in court today, Cole was due in court May 7.

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