A man who claimed to witness another man discard a purse said to be connected to a burglary that happened just before 7AM Saturday in Westport has been arrested as the suspect in the incident.

Authorities say Nicholas Thomas, 28, of Westport returned to the Westport residence on Hide-Away Lane to drop off a purse he claimed he found on Hales Road put there by the suspect. Police tracked down Thomas for questioning and found evidence tying him to the incident. They also uncovered narcotics in Thomas’s vehicle. He later confessed to the burglary.

Detectives say Thomas entered an unlocked, back door during the overnight hours while the residents were asleep upstairs. Thomas then sifted through draws on the first floor and took off with a purse.

He is charged with second degree burglary, sixth degree larceny, four counts of third degree forgery and possession of narcotics. Thomas is being held on $20,000 bond and is due in court on May 7th.


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